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Toffeln Loving Your Feet



Toffeln improves the lives of hardworking healthcare professionals, by harnessing the science of biomechanics (the way your body works) and material science (the way stuff works).


Toffeln ComfortTech


Every feature of every Toffeln shoe goes through a cycle of design, refinement, testing and improvement. We call this continuous process the ComfortTech Innovation Loop.

This five-stage development cycle drives our research and development programme, and enables us to build our understanding of advanced ergonomics so we can continue to manufacture shoes that provide comfort and support for our hardworking customers.


Toffeln Loving your feet


The AKTIV range - welcome to a new generation of Toffeln shoes that are designed to transform comfort, enhance posture and lessen end-of-the-day fatigue.

The Toffeln range offers some great features - super-lightweight clogs and shoes, Grip-safe soles, great styling, shock absorbing, machine washable, antistatic and many more


Are you providing your staff with the comfort and support they really need?


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