Pioneering Dental Practice, Perfect 32 wanted an image that would reflect their exemplary reputation, and found exactly what they were looking for in Urbane Scrubs from Grahame Gardner Ltd. This range appealed to the Practice staff as it conveyed professionalism without looking too clinical – using funky colours and design details to create a contemporary but comfortable identity. 

Perfect 32 are something of a trailblazing Practice in the field of the early detection of Oral Cancer. They are one of the only practices in the region who have a Velscope, a state of the art piece of equipment which is able to identity oral cancer in its infancy. This initiative has led to the practice winning a regional training award, and much praise throughout the industry. Practice Manager, Nicki Rowland, comments:-

“In the five years since we opened our doors we have come a long way, we believe we offer one of the most comprehensive dental services in the country and our customer feedback supports this. We felt this progress should be reflected by a change in our image, and wanted something that did not look too overtly clinical – Urbane Scrubs were exactly what we were looking for. In fact, although the range is developed primarily for women, our principal Dentist is so envious he is considering getting a set for himself.”

Perfect 32 selected scrubs in the main colour of Navy with an Indigo trim. They placed their order using Grahame Gardner’s easy to use online shop which enables customers to select the garments they want in their own particular colour preferences. Payment is made online and the garments are despatched as soon as possible, in the case of Perfect 32 it was in a matter of days! Grahame Gardner have noted a steady growth in the number of their customers who now choose to conduct all of their business online.