When starting at a new Dental Practice in Royston, near Glasgow there was clearly only one supplier that Dentist Graham Gardner could turn to, Grahame Gardner Ltd. Now equipped with a number of new scrubwear garments, Graham Gardner has started in his new post, and is receiving a lot of compliments on his new garments and their suitability.

 Graham qualified in 2009 from Dundee and to mark this occasion, his sister bought him his first sets of scrubs from Grahame Gardner. Impressed with the comfort, durability and fit, Graham was delighted with his personalised line of workwear, so had no qualms about returning to the well-respected uniform company when he needed some replacements. He comments:-

“Obviously there was no real choice in terms of where to get my uniform, how many dentists can boast they have their own uniform company! However, after my first experience of the company I was delighted to find that they offered exceptional products and a high standard of customer care. I hope my patients will say the same about me at my new practice.”

Graham has selected Grey and Dark Blue scrubs, and his new colleagues are so jealous that they are considering getting their own scrubs to match.

 Grahame Gardner offer a number of scrub ranges, including Easiephit, a unisex scrub range and Urbane, a cutting edge range which utilises bold shades and superior tailoring.