S.T.A.R AcademyGrahame Gardner Ltd have recently worked with a pioneering new veterinary clinic specialising in rehabilitative measures to help animals recover from serious accident, illness or trauma. There are very few clinics which offer this specialist service, and the Star Clinic is sure to be a real asset to the veterinary community operating around Leicestershire. Keen to portray a more relaxed, and less clinical image to regular veterinary practices, the Star Clinic selected Polo Shirts, Jackets and Hoodies, all featuring their distinctive logo and created in their corporate colours.

The Star Clinic specialises in Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Sports Medicine, using the best available treatments to help animals return to full fitness. They work predominately with working dogs; search and rescue, police dogs, agility and gun dogs. Clinical Director, Emma Poore comments:-

“As a practicing Vet I am all too aware of the value that good rehabilitative care can have on the long terms recovery of animals, but also knew that dedicated and specialist Veterinary care providers were hard to come by. Seeing the difference effective rehabilitation had on my pet Labrador motivated me to make the leap to open up my own practice. Although we will be working closely with vets, we also wanted to differentiate ourselves so chose not to have traditional veterinary wear. We think the polo shirts and hoodies give off a warm impression and are more welcoming for our patients and their carers, which is key if we are to be involved in long term rehabilitation programs.”

As well as working with dogs, the Star Clinic will also be helping cats, and other animals who need further support in recovery.

Grahame Gardner Ltd offer a huge variety of garments perfect for all members of the veterinary team. Covering everything from tunics and trousers, scrubs and dresses, through to polo-shirts and hoodies, all available in a huge range of colours, it is guaranteed that any practice will find the ideal workwear combination to suit their requirements.