Black and white is not a colour combination typically associated within the healthcare setting, consequently the Integrated Discharge team at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire selected these colours for their new identity – thereby differentiating them from the rest of the hospital staff. The Integrated Discharge Team are a team of Nurses, OT’s and Assistant Practitioners who were seeking a multi-disciplinary staff uniform for all 20 team members, the hospital turned to Grahame Gardner Ltd to advise them on the best uniform to meet their needs.

Staff from the Integrated Discharge team work with patients from across all the wards, they support the ward staff in the identification of the best discharge pathway. Identifying care packages and working with partners across health and social care to support timely, safe discharge. When they were attired in uniforms tied to their role they were often called upon for other activities, which did not fall within their department’s remit. Natalie Hennessy, Admin Specialist for the team takes up the story:-

“A lot of the colours typically found on hospital uniforms are associated with particular roles, blue for nurses, white and green for OT etc. We were looking for a colour palette that united us as a team and would not be confused with other identities. This is why black and white were the perfect choice – at a glance patients and other hospital staff can see that we have different responsibilities to other members of the ward team. As we also had the garments embroidered with the hospital logo, NHS logo and our team name to make it clear that we belong to official internal hospital staff.”

Grahame Gardner worked with the team to find the best colour combination, one that would not be confused with other hospital departments or roles. In the end the P356 tunic was selected, produced as a Made to Order garment in white with a black trim.

Grahame Gardner offer one of the widest ranges of healthcare garments in the UK, encompassing tunics, trousers, dresses, scrubwear, outerwear and accessories. They are happy to work with any department or organisation to create a distinctive and practical identity.