Keeping costs to a minimum is key when starting a new business, so Justine Bates struck upon a great idea for creating a cost-effective staff identity for her fledging catering company. The answer came in the form of personalised catering aprons from Grahame Gardner Ltd. Emblazoned with the company logo they could be worn by any member of staff, regardless of their size, to create a consistent staff image.

 Justine takes her culinary creations to a number of farmers’ markets and food fairs across the Leicestershire area, but also caters for private functions and corporate events. She comments:-

“Catering has been my passion since I was 16. I have established my company to give me the opportunity to do what I love. For me it is important that I deliver superior professionalism, I know my products are excellent but the image needs to reflect that. Given a limitless budget I would choose to have my own suite of garments, but I am not yet at this level. The aprons are great as they achieve exactly what I wanted them to, but can be worn by any member of staff available on the day.”

Justine started the company in October last year and her client base has grown month by month as a result of positive word of mouth and referrals. 

 Grahame Gardner have seen an increase in corporate customers over recent years, with their leisurewear, outerwear and catering garment proving particularly popular. Jus Bakes selected a blue and white striped catering apron with the distinctive colourful cupcake company logo embroidered prominently. If you would like any information on Jus Bakes please take a look at the website,