Almost three-quarters of UK adults (73.4%) form an initial judgement on a person within just a minute of meeting them, First impressions
according to our latest survey.

The First Impressions study, conducted on behalf of Grahame Gardner by Censuswide, also revealed that women are marginally more judgemental than their male counterparts - with just over 42 per cent of female respondents stating they form an initial judgement about a person in up to 20 seconds, compared to 36 per cent of men.

Body language is the first thing noticed by people who form initial judgements on others (31%), according to the results, followed by people’s facial features (15%) and their clothing (11%).

However, if you make a negative first impression on someone, all is not lost. More than 70 per cent of respondents who form initial judgements on others (71.3%) claimed their minds can be changed in under an hour of meeting someone.

Good conversation (52%) and good manners (49%) were ranked as having the most power to sway our initial judgement, followed by thoughtful behaviour (37%), good humour (29%) and common ground (24%).

Gary Lory, managing director of Grahame Gardner, said: “Making the right first impression – be it in a professional or a social setting – can be a daunting task for many people, especially as these results show just how quickly we make that initial judgement.

“However, it’s reassuring to see that personality ultimately shines through, and factors such as conversation and common ground do have the power to change our minds.”

The survey also showed business relationships can be compromised by first impressions, too, with more than half (51.3%) of respondents saying they’d be discouraged from developing a business relationship with a person who has body odour; bad breath (44.7%); negative body language (34.8%) or doesn’t speak clearly or mumbles (31%).

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The First Impressions survey was conducted in 2016 by Censuswide, with 1,000 UK respondents.

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