Departments or teams with an ethnically diverse workforce can sometimes have difficulties in selecting a uniform which will suit all cultures and faiths. This is why Grahame Gardner offer a number of uniforms with different length sleeves or hemlines. This means that the entire team can now all benefit from a cohesive image, following the corporate identity.

There are currently a number of key styles available with these differing options and Grahame Gardner are planning to offer further garments within their new collection for 2014. Simon Ward, Sales Director at Grahame Gardner comments on why they introduced alternative design variations:-

“When speaking to our customers it became apparent that all too often members of staff from different faiths felt that they were sidelined when it came to uniform selection. This has, in many cases, led to individuals feeling ostracised from the team, as they are forced to wear garments distinctly different from their colleagues. It is for this reason that we have introduced alternative and complementary variations of our key designs and plan to build on this further in the near future.”