A recent ‘Top Tips’ in VN Times resulted in two entrants with exactly the same tip – using baby socks on sedated cats and dogs to prevent loss of heat from their extremities. With such sound advice and resourcefulness in evidence, section sponsor Grahame Gardner Ltd decided to reward both contributors with the top prize of a brand new Veterinary Tunic.

The two winners were Springwood Veterinary Centre in Burton-on-Trent and Cedarwood Veterinary Practice in Stowmarket, who kindly sent in a picture of Emily Philpott modelling her new tunic, and pooch patient modelling the prize winning baby socks. Sarah Constable from Springwood also sent in an adorable picture of a newborn kitten, who had just been delivered by emergency caesarean and was popped into the baby sock sleeping bag to keep it warm – altogether – aaaw.