It’s been a really exciting time for Grahame Gardner as our highly-anticipated new range of workwear is ready and waiting toGary & Becky Advance be unveiled this week.

Advance is without doubt our best innovation to date. It’s an original range for a new type of customer who understands the importance of building a brand and corporate image to both the people who buy their services and their staff. Things move quickly in the workwear world and we have to move with them – something we have got incredibly good at over the last 100 years!

This bespoke collection is a UK first in workwear design, combining state-of-the-art ‘Aura’ fabric with the latest dye-sublimation printing techniques. It provides affordable, well-designed and high-quality workwear but uses our expertise in the sports wear sector to provide a more modern yet comfortable and performance orientated uniform solution.

Advance allows organisations, particularly veterinary and dental practitioners, to present a strong corporate image across their entire business by ensuring staff have workwear that aligns with their corporate identity. A smart, personalised uniform can also help make staff feel really proud of what they are wearing and who they work for.

There are two kinds of products within the range and six styles to choose from. Cut and Sew provides 16 garment colours and customers can then select a contrasting colour for neck, sleeve or pocket trims in line with their own corporate branding. Advance Dye Sublimations goes a step further allowing any colour, image or pattern to be used, to create bespoke panels and trims. This option is the latest advance in permanent printing as the ink actually impregnates the fabric so is unaffected by washing or ironing.

It has taken us 18-months of research and development to get to this point and the end result is testimony to our long-standing reputation for innovation within the sector.

It’s been a real team effort and one that I am extremely proud of. We’ve championed an inclusive approach to the Advance project and staff from our sales, design, marketing and buying departments, along with feedback from our customers, have all played their part. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work. It’s difficult to pick out individuals but I must single out Becky Heath, our head of design, who really has been a dominant force in developing this range.

For Grahame Gardner this launch hails an exciting chapter in our company’s history. It gives us a new, niche market to target and helps us remain at the forefront of the market bringing technologically advanced garments and fabrics to our clients.

Advance has taken us to another level and we are really looking forward to seeing where it takes us next!

Gary Lory is managing director of Grahame Gardner Ltd