When you first meet someone new, what’s the first thing you notice about them? Is it their body language? Could it be their face?Or perhaps what they’re wearing? In fact, our research shows that all three answers are correct?

When we surveyed 1,000 people back in 2016, they put clothes as the third thing they considered when drawing first impressions about a stranger (which includes a professional pitching for business or delivering a service)

The survey also found that almost three quarters of UK adults make an initial judgement of a person within just a minute of meeting them, meaning that a uniform has only a few seconds to make a good impression!  When it comes to customer trust, wearing a smart uniform pays off, with 36% stating they trusted a smartly-dressed worker more than a casually dressed employee.

This came as no surprise to us at Grahame Gardner, as we’ve been designing, making and supplying the very finest-quality workwear for over a century now. But the survey prompted us to think again about why we go the extra mile to make your team look smart and stylish.


So, here’s a quick primer on why you should put the same thought into sourcing uniforms as we put into supplying them.


Brand awareness


Right off the bat, a good uniform is a billboard for your business. Wherever your team goes, your logo goes, and that’s a great way to get your brand in potential customers’ brains. (Most garments we offer at Grahame Gardner can be embellished with  embroidered, custom logos.)


Practical elements


It’s often the case that a specialist job requires - or is made easier by - specialised clothing. It’s obvious that a firefighter couldn’t brave burning buildings in a shirt and shorts ensemble, but improper clothing can still cause little inconveniences in the salon or in surgery work settings too.


Appropriate attire can easily take the hassle out of some tasks by adding pockets, key loops, vents, stretch panels and so on, just where the worker needs them. And the increasingly wide range of different fabrics now available can help promote the very best hygiene and minimise any  potential risks whatever sector you work in.   


Reduced costs


Supplying a high-quality team workwear can also help employees. While they might first need to buy the uniform as a one-off, they won’t need to buy (and continue to buy) other costly clothing for their job, like if they had to wear their own clothes to work.



As the name suggests, uniform in the literal sense means to be the same throughout. All employees should be seen the same, regardless of social status. Consistent appearance promotes a sense of equality between all team members, encouraging everyone to value their colleagues’ ideas and opinions equally.


Team unity


Putting workers in uniform promotes team spirit, much the same way as a sports kit does. Your team can do more when they pull together, and workwear to be proud of helps them identify with their colleagues more closely.


The 2016 survey also asked employees how a smart uniform makes them feel, with 52% highlighting how much more confident, positive and professional they feel in a uniform. It’s easy to see how an employee who feels comfortable in their clothes will represent the brand better and perform the job to a higher standard.


If you have decided that a uniform may benefit your workplace, at Grahame Gardner we offer a wide range of workwear for many different industries, from; healthcare, dentistry, veterinary, beauty and many more. With different styles and colours, we are sure you will find the perfect uniform to suit your every need and meet the demands of a busy working day.